KS Turbine Adult - Scream

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“I’m after perfection. I’ll do anything for 1% improvement. The Turbine gives me that Edge, straight out of the box” – Kyle Snyder 


Powerful, Strong and Humble. These are the words that describe Kyle Snyder. Designed for the dynamic motions of wrestling, the KS Turbine Wrestling Shoe is crafted with the same qualities of Kyle’s character. The unique “Turbine Wrap” is an asymmetrical ankle strap that supports the ankle as the wrestler moves across the mat. The additional new outsole also provides extra traction. With these perfected details, it’s no wonder that the KS Turbine wrestling shoe was Kyle’s chosen armor during his gold medal match at the 2022 World Championships.


  • New outsole with added traction on the heel and forefoot drive points
  • Asymmetrical collar for additional ankle support
  • Lace closure strap
  • Reinforced bands create a protective exoskeleton