Quantum Boxpratzen RX4 Leder

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Produktinformationen "Quantum Boxpratzen RX4 Leder"

  Exzellente Quantum Boxpratzen von höchster Qualität und in bewährter klassischer Form.

Excellent Quantum boxing pads of the highest quality and in a proven classic shape.

The QUANTUM RX4 boxing pads are perfect pads that are optimally suited for all hand techniques known in martial arts with the widest variety of applications.


 - Made of very thick and robust buffalo leather for extreme loads during training.

 - 5-layer foam core for optimal cushioning properties.

 - Medium-sized, compact shape, optimal for the widest range of applications.

 - Glove with finger openings for effective and comfortable hand cooling.

 - Extra wide Velcro strap for a firm hold in the wrist.

 - Extra reinforced and double-stitched at critical points.

 - Size 22x18x6cm / Weight per boxing pad approx. 0.4kg.

 - Color: Black.

 - Sold in pairs.

* The QUANTUM RX4 punching pads are classic pads of top quality, designed for extremely heavy loads in boxing training. The medium-sized, slightly curved shape covers the entire palm and the lower, narrower part of the pad covers and protects the wrist from hits.

The RX4 are all-round pads, perfect for training against all hand techniques used in martial arts and in all levels of difficulty, from light to full contact. 

The light, compact shape of these pads also allow you to quickly change positions.


The Quantum RX4 punching pads have a highly effective 5-layer foam core, which consists of the best cushioning foams, which also ideally absorb the high power of full contact punches and thus prevent excessive strain on the hands and wrists. In the lower part of the pad there is an extra foam pad under the wrist, which compensates for the natural slight bend in the wrist, relieving it evenly and providing additional protection for the wrists. A foam layer is placed over the wrist, which significantly reduces the risk of injury to the wrists in the event of accidental blows to the side of the hand.  

* The optimal, slightly curved shape of the Quantum RX4 boxing pads is very well adapted to the shape of the hands and wrists, which guarantees the best possible handling during training. At the same time, the shape was developed to be able to intercept a fast series of straight punches (jabs) as well as the harder uppercuts and the heavy hooks in the best possible way. 

* A special foam protection attached directly over the wrists and the wide Velcro strap on the wrist hold the hand firmly in the pad and thus give you a very stable and optimal hand position. The tightened Velcro closure prevents the pad from sitting too loose and slipping off the hand during full contact hits. In contrast, a loose adjustment of the Velcro strap allows free mobility of wrist when training with fast, but somewhat lighter stroke series.  

The Quantum RX4 boxing pads are a perfect training tool, created to meet the needs of the best fighters and trainers and meet the highest standards of punching pads.