Quantum Boxpratzen RX2 Leder

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Produktinformationen "Quantum Boxpratzen RX2 Leder"

Exzellente Quantum Mini Boxpratzen von höchster Qualität und in kompakter, kleiner Form.

Superb Quantum Mini punching pads of high quality and in a compact, small form.

The QUANTUM RX2 mini boxing pads are great precision pads specially designed for super fast punch combinations and to perfect hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

- Made of very thick and robust buffalo leather for extreme loads during training.

- 4-layer foam core for optimal cushioning properties.

- Extra small, compact shape, ideal for fast precision shots.

- Glove with finger openings for effective and comfortable hand cooling.

- Extra reinforced and double-stitched at critical points.

- Size 17x17x5cm / Weight per boxing pad approx. 0.3kg.

- Color: Black.

- Sold in pairs.

 * The QUANTUM RX2 mini punching pads are top quality precision pads, designed for extremely heavy loads in boxing training. The very small, slightly curved shape of these pads only cover the palm and leaves the wrist completely open, allowing for full wrist mobility. This way, the trainer can change the hand position quickly and show the fighter combinations and series of punches at high speed.

*The Quantum RX2 Mini punching pads have a highly effective and slightly lighter 4-layer foam core made of the best cushioning foams. The shape of the pad is very small and the lower part of the wrist is cut out in the middle, which allows for great flexibility in hand movements. 

* The extra short, compact shape of the Quantum RX2 Mini punching pads is very well adapted to the shape of the hands and wrists, which guarantees the best possible and fastest handling during training. This form has been created with the aim of efficiently training rapid and precise strikes, ensuring they become deeply ingrained within the fighter's movement patterns and motor skills with utmost accuracy. 

The Quantum RX2 Mini Punching Pads are a perfect training tool for speed and precision, created to meet the needs of the best fighters and trainers and meet the highest standards for punching pads.

ion. They were created to meet the needs of fighters and trainers who prefer high-quality but slightly lighter pads made of robust synthetic leather.