Quantum Boxhandschuhe Q1

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The Quantum Q1 PU are excellent boxing gloves with a perfect fit and highly effective cushioning. 


The Q1 PU is a beginner's model, made of synthetic leather.


These boxing gloves fit perfectly in your hands, which guarantees an excellent stabilization of the hand in the boxing glove.  


A soft, additional inner foam makes the hand feel very comfortable and enclosed. 


Thanks to this tight adjustment of the hand, the hand in the boxing glove does not wobble under impact pressure, but sits in an anatomically straight position in the boxing glove as if it were cast on.


This stabilization of the hand through the boxing glove results in a very comfortable and extremely safe boxing glove - the Quantum Q1.


Quantum Q1 PU has an extra thick padding made of highly elastic PUR foam on the striking surface, which offers very effective cushioning and thus extremely good protection for the knuckles and wrists. 


In this way, the boxing glove wearer shows that the safety and health of their training partner is just as important!


The Quantum Q1 PU boxing gloves are the perfect result of decades of experience, countless tests, and proven in thousands of hours of training and competitions. 



- Made of ecological synthetic leather.

- Highly elastic PUR foam padding for optimal damping properties.

- New Velcro system guarantees perfect stabilization of the wrists.

- Great fit -> feels like a glove. 

- Breathable mesh synthetic leather provides effective hand cooling.   

- Thumb sewn integrally for increased security.

- Sizes: 10oz – 16oz

- Color: Black

- Sold in pairs.



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