Quantum Mundschutz schwarz

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An excellent Quantum mouthguard made of fully flexible material in an ergonomic shape. 

It can be adapted very precisely to almost any part of the tooth and thanks to its spacious shape, it offers enough material for optimal teeth/jaw protection, even in the toughest sparring and in professional fights.



- Made of highly flexible material that allows for a very precise adjustment and a tight fit.

- Ergonomically preformed to perfectly represent the anatomy of the teeth.

- Extra thick outer wall for extremely effective protection, even from the hardest strikes.

- Spacious shape offers enough material for optimal protection of the upper and lower jaw.

- The upper and lower jaw sit stably in the mouthguard without slipping.

- Color: White/Transparent

- One size fits all / Adaptable to almost any jaw size

- Includes a storage box



A mouthguard is perhaps the most important and necessary piece of protective equipment in martial arts because an injury to the jaw or teeth can happen very easily. Such an injury can result in easily knocked out teeth or in a lot of pain, leaving you with high dentistry costs. However, such injuries can be avoided very simply, easily, and inexpensively by wearing a mouthguard.

* SHAPE & MATERIAL - The QUANTUM MX1 mouthguard is made of a very flexible material and the shape is very spacious, which allows enough material for precise fitting of every smallest angle of the teeth. It has an ergonomic shape that very precisely reflects the anatomy of the jaw and can therefore be perfectly molded to the teeth. The central tooth groove is extra narrow in the front area for, which exactly reflects the shape of the thin front and sharp incisors. At the back, in the area of the molars, it is significantly wider, which corresponds to our jaw anatomy. The base between the upper and lower jaw is also extra thick. This means that when fitting, if you bite firmly into the mouthguard, there is still enough material for the teeth of the upper and lower jaw to clearly "bite" into the mouthguard. A deep imprint is necessary so that the teeth sit stably in the mouthguard and the halves of the jaw do not slip sideways when hit. The lateral slipping of the lower jaw is often the reason for dangerous injuries to the muscles and ligaments of the teeth. The shape of this mouthguard is thick enough on the outside that you can press part of the flexible material when fitting the mouthguard (with your fingers) onto the upper jaw and upwards even over the gums and downwards onto the teeth of the lower jaw to get more protection. The more area covered by the mouthguard, the less you feel the power of a punch once it lands. The flexible material is also thick enough on the inside to be able to press it firmly against the teeth and sometimes even against the gums when fitting. Pressing the material so precisely against the jaw is very important because this is the only way for the mouthguard to fit well and not fall out when the mouth is opened. The more contact surface the mouthguard has with the teeth, gums and sometimes even the palate and the closer and more precisely it fits, the safer it is.

* FITTING A MOUTHGUARD - A newly purchased mouthguard has only a roughly pre-formed and pre-bent shape with an outline for the teeth of the upper jaw. It is not yet finished and ready for use. Almost every mouthguard must first be warmed up in very warm water and made adaptable. By warming it up in hot water, the mouth guard becomes soft and flexible and can be individually fitted to each jaw and adjusted to the shape of your own teeth by pressing with your fingers. Although almost every mouthguard has precise instructions on how to adjust it, it usually takes several attempts before you can adjust a mouthguard reasonably well. It is therefore advisable for anyone who has never done this before to first find out from reliable sources and videos how to fit a mouthguard, which important steps to take and which potential mistakes to avoid. Luckily, a mouthguard can usually be adjusted a number of times before it either fits well or is so deformed that it is no longer usable. However, advice from a trusted dealer or an experienced fighter or trainer (who has a lot of experience fitting mouthguards) is the best way to avoid making often simple mistakes.